Apply Now: Microsoft Ventures Launches Digital Work Accelerator in Seattle

In June, we launched a Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Seattle focused on home automation, in partnership with American Family Insurance. The startups graduating from the program are participating in our Demo Day in South Lake Union today and we congratulate them on their progress and future success. For those of you who can’t attend in person, we are live streaming the event starting at 4:30PM PST.

We are also announcing our next Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Seattle dedicated to Digital Work. The next cohort will focus on startups building scalable productivity applications, cloud-centric software platforms and enterprise-grade solutions to help people get more done. Startups can apply now for the Digital Work accelerator.

As a platform and productivity company, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help startups succeed. We firmly believe that in a mobile first, cloud first world, startups have a huge opportunity to revolutionize the workplace with smart, powerful and connected solutions.

Microsoft’s goal is to help startups foster exciting new ideas by providing mentorship, technology and expertise to build global companies, without taking equity. The startups that have graduated from our accelerators have seen great success, with 80% receiving an average funding of $1.9M (USD) within a year from graduation. 16 startups have also had exits with some of the top companies in the industry.

The accelerator will kick off in March in Seattle. This cohort will offer spots to 10-15 startups selected to participate in the program and will conclude with a Demo Day event in June. We are encouraging startups from around the world with an itch to change the way we work to apply for the second cohort.

Startups can find more information and apply at