2017 - Fresh cohort of emerging tech companies.

"Our industry does not respect tradition - it only respects innovation". Satya Nadella

We’re super excited to announce the latest intake. Microsoft Accelerator London has selected the following companies to be members of Cohort 7.

Watch close and put a placeholder on the 22nd of June to attend the Demo Day.

GainX Just as CRM transformed the way enterprises manage sales and marketing, and ERP transformed corporate financial management, GainX is becoming a standard for innovation strategy management (ISM) within the financial services sector and beyond.  The GainX Innovation Strategy Management (ISM) AI Platform helps corporations achieve real cultural and digital transformation, allowing them to visualize and understand the flow of ideas across their entire business, loosen the clay layers that block innovation within their organisation, and map internal resources, archetypes and talent against the corporate strategic portfolio and priorities to ensure the right talent on the right initiatives at the right time.

iProov was founded in London in 2011 to solve the problem of enabling users to log into online services simply, yet securely. The experienced leadership team previously successfully built and exited a high volume global online business. iProov's research skills are drawn from Britain's top Computer Science faculty at University College London and brands including KPMG and Sony utilise iProov to solve the problem of simple secure authentication.

Metail operate an intelligent algorithm led AI fashion bot framework providing enhanced 3D visualisation for Retailers and Consumers. Currently utilising 6 patents with 14 pending, Metail is reshaping fashion eCommerce.

Reach Robotics This firm has created a next-generation gaming platform using mixed-reality. Players control real-life robots via smart phone or tablet to compete against other robots in real life or against augmented reality opponents"

Situm’s Indoor Positioning platform offers their customer the ability to create indoor maps and track people via their mobile phones.

Kwickie allows consumers to combine and share moments that happen regardless of place and time – they are the first video messaging platform that allows you to have moderated engagement with an audience via social media.

The PowerLinks Native Ad Platform can integrate and distribute Sponsored Content, Search, eCommerce, Responsive Display & Video content across all devices, globally. Our platform enables the programmatic real-time trading of In-Feed, In-Video, In-Image, In-Text and In-Display formats.

Julia Computing is is a modern, high-level, high-performance programming language for numerical computing, data science and AI. Julia is as easy as R and as fast as C, combining the best of both worlds. Julia provides parallel computing capabilities out of the box. Julia is open source and research on Julia has been anchored at MIT since 2009.

A huge thank you to all the VCs and Angels who have referred us those promising emerging tech companies.