15 Startups Join the Second Annual Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow

Since its founding in 2012, Microsoft Accelerator has certainly come a long way. This past year alone saw our startups raise more than $170 million in funding. We’ve also helped them get enterprise ready through mentoring, product development support, and networking opportunities that empower them fulfill their missions.

Now, as always, our goal to empower startups to scale and achieve more is front-and-center. After just five years, the Microsoft Accelerator boasts a portfolio of 583 alumni, which have diligently and expertly chased down thousands of leads and sculpted them into long-standing, profitable business deals. Today, these startups look to the future to see how they can continue to grow and improve—and so does Microsoft.

We continue to see Microsoft Accelerator as a catalyst for furthering innovation within the Microsoft organization and beyond. We’ve watched as Microsoft has become the preferred technology platform for startups all over the world. In India, more than 2,000 startups adopted Microsoft Azure in the past year. Increasingly, startups all around the globe are using Microsoft’s advanced cloud services for work in Big Data, the Internet of Things, advanced analytics and cognitive services, and more.

To support this ever-growing ecosystem, we invited a group of top startup CEOs to take part in the Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow, our second such event following the success of last year’s inaugural affair. The culmination of many years of work together, it is a testament to the robust and enduring partnership between Microsoft and startups.

Welcome to the Roadshow

The 2017 Startup Roadshow event, held in Seattle and Silicon Valley April 24-28, will offer startups the chance to meet and talk with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella; Charlotte Yarkoni, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft's Azure Growth & Ecosystems Group; and Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Group, to name a few. There will also be a host of other industry leaders and inspirational speakers.

Spread across five days, the Roadshow will feature numerous roundtables covering topics such as media training, deal making, and more. Startups will also have the chance to pitch their cutting-edge solutions and discuss how they are disrupting their various industries. With the express aim of getting our startups enterprise ready, other moments throughout the event include breakout sessions, fireside chats, and other surprises that I won’t spoil here. As part of our commitment to building a valuable alumni network and continuing to foster innovation, the Roadshow creates unique opportunities for founders to exchange their own experiences, dilemmas, and knowledge.

Microsoft Accelerator and events such as the Global Startup Roadshow help Microsoft build a powerful community of thinkers, shapers, and doers.

Our startup CEOs represent some of the sharpest minds on the planet. Microsoft Accelerator and events such as the Global Startup Roadshow help Microsoft build a powerful community of thinkers, shapers, and doers. As they adopt our technologies and provide feedback throughout the course of their journeys, startups help us innovate and lead the way in technological advancement around the globe.

At just five years old, Microsoft Accelerator is already a prime source of innovation. When OneDrive was introduced, Microsoft Accelerator portfolio company Agolo, led by talented CEO Sage Wohns, built its first software development kit (SDK) in Javascript. When Azure ML was developed, this same startup was one of the first to provide feedback. Today, Agolo provides industry-leading technology to a number of Microsoft clients. This illustrates just how important startups are to the process of helping Microsoft to successfully innovate.

Learning and Growing

Last year, we found that in the span of just a few short weeks, many opportunities arose and great outcomes developed for the startups that took part in our first Startup Roadshow. This included partnerships with Microsoft itself as well as other follow-up meetings with important potential customers. We were especially pleased to see our startups bond and grow, becoming a community and united force with the ability to innovate and disrupt global markets.

Microsoft has become the preferred technology platform for startups who are building deep-technology, future-ready products.

Increasingly startups around the world are seeing the benefits of working with Microsoft. Microsoft has become the preferred technology platform for startups who are building deep-technology, future-ready products. This is illustrated by both Roadshow participants and other portfolio companies who make great use of platforms like Microsoft Azure. It provides startups with the keys to productivity, security, analytics, and scalability—all things startups need to quickly build and grow their businesses.

Looking Ahead

Microsoft Accelerator has been helping entrepreneurs around the world on their journey to build great companies since its inception in 2012. With 7 accelerator locations around the globe, we provide promising startups with great ideas the support and expertise needed to advance technology and mankind.

We’ve seen the creation of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars by some of the most talented and bright startups on the planet. We believe in startups and we believe in the synergies and innovations that occur when working alongside such talented founders. But this is just the beginning. Startups are integral to Microsoft’s ability to have a positive impact on the world. Microsoft’s Global Startup Roadshow is another step toward our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.


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