15 Microsoft Alumni Hit the Road for Inaugural Global Startup Roadshow!

As part of the swift transition Microsoft Accelerator is making towards supporting more mature startups, we are fortunate to host 15 startup CEOs (out of +500) from our global portfolio for a five-day event in Silicon Valley and Seattle. 15 Microsoft Alumni Hit the Road for Inaugural Global Startup Roadshow! These startups from our global Alumni Program are currently on a mission to penetrate the U.S. market, and our goal is to help them strengthen their presence and scale up.

We are using the Microsoft name to open big doors – we’re organizing carefully curated meetings where the startups will meet with potential enterprise customers relevant to them. It’s not about pitching and networking, but rather a biz dev infusion to the companies’ veins. In addition, we are hosting Silicon Valley investors for 1:1 “speed dating” with the CEOs who are about to disrupt their industries. Meeting potential investors under the Microsoft umbrella increases credibility to both sides and improves the chances for follow-ups. And to top it all off, an additional benefit the startups can enjoy as our graduates is leveraging our internal resources for face-to-face meetings with Microsoft executives from various fields including business, marketing and sales groups. These personal relationships can serve as a springboard and allow our alumni to potentially integrate their solutions into Microsoft products in the future.

The selected group of startups represent our industry-diverse portfolio (IoT, Cyber Security, Marketing, Retail, Productivity, HR, Enterprise Devtools and more), and puts on frontstage emerging companies that are about to disrupt the U.S. market. A great example is Testin (mobile QA), one of our alumni that graduated from the Microsoft Accelerator Program in Beijing, and already operates in the U.S. ($64.8M in funding, and up to today, has served 718,522 developers with their 1,751,270 apps; 15% of their users are from outside of China, mostly in the U.S.). We worked together with Wang Jun, the CEO & Co-Founder, to tailor the roadshow according to the company’s needs. The main focus is­ to create new collaboration opportunities and reinforce their business relationships within the American startup eco-system. Another important aspect is bridging the cultural gap. Since we have representation from startups located all over the world (China, India, Germany, UK, France, Israel and the U.S.), experts from our sales team will share their insights from firsthand experiences on ‘sales process design’ with large American enterprises.

Exciting days are ahead of us! We encourage you to follow the hashtag #StartupRoadshow on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, and experience it together with the participating startups:

@TruRating – Faster and smarter customer feedback.

@Sensorberg – Digitalizing businesses through proximity software.

@iBotControls – Helping create the Internet of Your things. Smarter Everything.

@Woo_io – A first-of-a-kind platform that lets tech talent find out their market value, anonymously.

@RallyTeamApp – Rallyteam helps teams innovate with purpose and #achievemore.

@Siemplify – Siemplify Nexus is the first end-to-end security operations platform, powering today's advanced SOCs.

@SemperisTech – Provider of enterprise identity protection solutions, addressing the challenges surrounding the operation of Active Directory® in Hybrid IT environments.

@AzaleadABM – Helps B2B companies target accounts with Account Based Marketing & nurture them with Account Based Advertising.

@eShareUK @BoardPacks – Gives boards the tools they need to become more efficient, effective and organised.

@OwnBackup – SaaS backup and recovery solutions built for the enterprise.


@ShepHertz – Omni-channel Enterprise Platform for Digitization

@Mast_Mobile – The Mobile Communication Platform for the Modern Workplace

@Affinio – Marketing Intelligence Platform that leverages the social graph to understand today’s consumer.

@iTestin – Solve the problem of testing across multiple devices.

WSC – Powering sports videos

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