12 Startups Join the Spring Cohort at Microsoft Accelerator London

The 7th of March 2016 signalled a new beginning for 12 emerging tech companies. Our cutting-edge curriculum has been adapted for later stage businesses and reflects our ‘go hard or go home' motto. Our technical team is working closely with the CTOs in the cohort in order to identify pain points and help them address any issues before scaling up. As part of the programme, all cohorts are provided with BizSpark Plus and enjoy the benefits of receiving £500 000 of free Azure cloud credits, free software licences and Bing ads credit for 3 years.

Microsoft Accelerator London recently became a member of the French Chamber of Commerce, which improves our go-to-market services by introducing French corporates to our cohort through monthly events. Our entrepreneur-first focus made us realise the scarcity of talent in London, so we turned to Jobbio to help the startups find and hire talent. Our relationships with Microsoft clients are gaining strength. These relationships are mutually beneficial as our clients can integrate innovative tech from the startups while, in turn, the startups are given access to Microsoft customers to help them grow their businesses.

Pitch Day--where our batch 5 startups have the opportunity to pitch their solutions on stage to a room full of media, investors, and industry leaders--will take place on the 30th of June and will be live streamed on TechCrunch, giving the cohort the opportunity to reach thousands of global viewers beyond the physical venue.

Below is a roundup of the new Microsoft Accelerator London startups. We're thrilled to be working with these incredible companies. Please help us welcome batch 5!

Altitude Angel accelerates the adoption and integration of drone technology into businesses by empowering manufacturers to access reliable, authoritative real-time data sources that help drones and their operators make better decisions about where and how to fly. Altitude Angel’s mission is to be the world’s back-end drone services company, providing the foundation services and data to help consumers and businesses unlock the potential of aerial technology, and ultimately enabling the creation of a new generation of safer, ‘connected’ drones.   To plan your next flight more safely, visit their free drone safety map.
Apprecie is a UK company offering a unique technology and service for companies that need to acquire and retain high value clients. Apprecie facilitates better face-to-face engagement and is built with the sensitivities of high-value clients at its core. Relationship and marketing managers use Apprecie to source and manage client-tailored, world-class events that are relevant and appropriate for their clients and business needs, whilst saving time and money compared to traditional methods. Licensees can access an exclusive array of opportunities supplied by Apprecie’s prestige partners and also use the platform to streamline the process and raise the game of their own events and client acquisition/appreciation programmes. The Apprecie platform complements and enhances existing CRM systems, providing a way to enrich and keep fresh knowledge about clients’ interests. It also provides automated compliance and management reporting for all in-person client/prospect engagement.
At capitalise.com they believe every business should have access to finance regardless of their stage or sector. Capitalise enables SMEs and their trusted advisors to find, compare and select the right lenders in under three minutes.   Twitter: @Capitalisers | Facebook | LinkedIn
Nivaura's platform technologies enable the issuance, execution and administration of complex financial products. They change the deal-flow economics, allowing investment and wholesales banks to make smaller deals more profitable, for example EMTNs. They help banks increase their profits and allow them to engage with the clients they care about at an earlier stage. Their technology offering includes blockchain and machine learning, both of which they have submitted patents on.   Twitter: @crowdaura | Facebook | LinkedIn
Dendrite.me is a social learning platform designed to enable teachers, students and parents to access outstanding, inspirational learning content from channel partners, and blend this content into their own teaching and learning experiences. It enables peer to peer collaboration, sharing of innovative practice, and the support of a student’s journey through out their educational pathway. Dendrite’s first channel partner is the Bloodhound project, a 1000mph land speed record car with a mission to inspire a generation into science, technology, engineering and maths. Dendrite is the cloud learning platform that delivers the Bloodhound inspiration programme free to the planet. Dendrite is looking for partners with innovative content, e-learning solutions, and cloud learning Apps to plug into the growing network on the platform. Go to www.dendrite.me and register to join the adventure.   Connect with Founder and CEO Aulden Dunipace inside Dendrite.
FitWell is a mobile coaching app, that makes the journey to becoming fit and healthy more simple by offering the user a digital personal trainer, nutritionist and life coach all in one app. The smart app sets a personal goal for the user and helps them achieve their goals by offering personalised workouts and daily meal plans, and tracks their progress. The system tracks and analyses user behaviour and data coming from the sensors on the phone and via wearable devices. Plus, it helps the users stay in line with their goals by keeping them motivated. It currently has more than 800,000 members from 196 countries. It is selected to be one of the Best Apps of 2015 and Top Developer by Google. FitWell is currently available in iOS and Android. FitWell is working on developing an A.I. that will act as a personal wellness coach that offers contextual coaching, analysing both real time and big data.   Twitter: @FitWellGlobal
Furo is changing the way businesses buy products and services from each other. When companies spend large sums of money they typically go through a process called a request for proposals (RFP) which is a document they send to sellers outlining their requirements. Managing this process and comparing responses is time consuming. Furo streamlines the process for companies, and is already working with large clients around the globe.
Glisser makes presentations interactive, and gathers data at live events. By live-sharing PowerPoint slides to audience smartphones, and engaging them with integrated Q&A, polling and social media feeds, they turn any presentation into an opportunity to capture information, feedback and leads. Essentially, they turn a one-directional lecture into a dialogue between everyone in the room.   Twitter: @Glisser
 Instanda is a management tool that empowers insurers, brokers and MGAs to build and launch any insurance product within unprecedented timescales, and then distribute and self-manage it online, globally. Designed to meet the real needs of business users, the insurance software enables the user to easily create, manage and distribute products either directly (D2C), or via an agent or broker network.   Twitter: @instandaF2X | LinkedIn
Opsh is a single account and check-out for High Street brands. Last year, UK women spent over £5.5b on online fashion sales alone. The problem? On average it takes a shopper 4 hours to find the product they’re looking for; they have anywhere between 8 and 12 different accounts and passwords; and they’re becoming increasingly frustrated at being re-directed to multiple different stores, where the products they want may or may not be in store. The solution? Bring all of your favourite brands to one online store - and that's exactly what Opsh does! Opsh - One Account. All of Your Shops.   Twitter: @OPSH
Pinipa makes project oversight and communications easy, integrating with existing project management tools to provide a high level overview to share with stakeholders, and gather insight through reporting and analytics to work smarter with those stakeholders. Customers include Microsoft, LinkedIn, National Grid, Cancer Research and Staffordshire CC, and they are working with a number of consultancies to help them deliver better value for their clients.   Twitter: @PinipaApp
SIME Dx is moving diagnostics from the bench to the bedside. SIME's unique technology, combined with user conscious design, empowers healthcare teams to confidently carry out diagnostics at the point of care. Requiring only micro-fluid samples, and no reagents, the platform is easy to use and delivers accurate results within seconds. Making diagnostics exceptionally faster and cheaper - saving lives and improving care.   LinkedIn