11 Late-Stage Startups Join the Bangalore Accelerator’s Spring 2015 Batch

In February, we opened our doors to 11 startups—from IoT to apps to payment platforms—in order to help these technology companies gear up and take the market by storm. This batch is like no other. Handpicked from 1400 applicants over the course of a 12-week long selection process, these companies are later stage startups: they have customers, they have revenue, and they mean business!

So we cut straight to the chase and kicked off a power-packed two-week module by building their operating plans. Once our batch 6 startups had a clear, milestone-based execution plan, we spent the rest of Week One on individual reviews of their businesses, technology, and marketing plans. We wrapped up the week with a much deserved offsite gathering.

The entire second week was spent completing a Stakeholder Development Workshop, another first for us, which brought some amazing insights to the group. The startups acquired a deeper understanding of their respective customers, competitors, investors, and other stakeholders. The week concluded with a Mentor Matchup at a brewery where founders had the opportunity to meet several renowned leaders from the startup community.

The race to June 18th has begun, when these startups will present their businesses during ThinkNext’s Summer 2015 session—and show the world what the future of technology looks like.

Please help us welcome batch 6 to the Bangalore Accelerator!

AdPushup offers advanced A/B Testing to optimize advertisement revenues for web publishers. It helps web publishers fight ‘banner blindness’ to optimize their advertisement revenues with existing advertisement networks and supply side platforms. www.adpushup.com | info@adpushup.com | @adpushup
Frilp is in the business of location analytics that offer reviews and recommendations via social channels. Frilp offers a platform to discover and seek word of mouth recommendations on local businesses and services. www.frilp.com | hello@frilp.com | @ifrilp
iReff offers an app solution in the prepaid mobile subscription management space. It offers the fastest and easiest way to find the best prepaid mobile recharge and helps find the best recharge with ‘browse by category’ or ‘simple search’ options. www.ireff.in | care@ireff.in | @ireff
DailyRounds is a mobile-based, academic network for doctors. With focus on offering clinical cases, DailyRounds is building a free network for doctors. The app offers doctors' analytics, sentiments, and sponsored case studies. www.dailyrounds.org | editor@dailyrounds.org | @DailyRounds
Uninstall.io is a first-of-its-kind solution to help mobile apps “solve the mystery of app uninstalls.” It empowers mobile app makers to understand the reasons behind high uninstall rates and thereby reduce the uninstall rate, optimize app marketing spends, and enable efficient retargeting after the uninstall. www.uninstall.io | info@uninstall.io | @Uninstall_io
Founded with the vision of a plug-and-play Internet of Everything, iBot is a technology company whose product suite enables machine-to-machine (M2M), human-to-machine (H2M), and machine-to-system (M2S) interactions, creating a framework for interconnectedness between humans and machines to create smarter everything – a “Smartiverse.” www.iamibot.com | connect@ibotcontrols.com | @ibotcontrols
FortunePay offers innovative and affordable commerce solutions to merchants to enhance customer engagement and revenues. Using off-the-shelf modules, their secure offerings help customers at a fraction of the cost, opening up new demographics, geographies, and services. www.fortunepay.in | info@fortunepay.in | @FortunePayments
CustomerXPs works in the space of real-time intelligent customer experience and fraud prevention in the banking sector. It helps banks with Enterprise Fraud Management and Customer Experience Management. www.customerxps.com | clari5@customerxps.com | @customerxps
FlamencoTech’s Digital Blanket is an Internet of Every Thing & Everyone (IoEE) solution for smarter Infrastructure. The concept of IoEE’s Digital Blanket provides real-time status and control of devices, information, and people. www.flamencotech.com | connect@flamencotech.com | @FlamencoTech
WAGmob offers solutions in the ‘mobile first’ learning and training space, enabling users to carry the learning content with them. It offers better software for sales rep training to teach prospecting, qualifying, and closing skills. go.wagmob.com | team@wagmob.com | @Wagmob
UberLabs’ Gazemetrix helps marketers locate and manage their brand in social photos. UberLabs uses image recognition and machine learning technologies to identify image-based risks and opportunities. www.gazemetrix.com | founders@gazemetrix.com | @gazemetrix