10 Series A Startups Selected for Batch 5 at Microsoft Accelerator in Seattle

While everyone is anxiously awaiting the end of the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest, the team at Microsoft Accelerator in Seattle is already celebrating something new: our fifth batch of startups!

We’ve selected just 10 companies out of more than 1000 promising candidates—a daunting task, to say the least. Of those under consideration, we personally interviewed over 150 from as far west as San Francisco and Silicon Valley, all the way to the opposite coastline, where we met with startups in New York City and Boston. We also spoke with numerous founders from across the country and around the world on the phone and via Skype. One of the startups accepted into the program hails from the UK.

In the past, our Seattle Accelerator has focused on scaling startups with data science and machine learning solutions. This time around, we’ve expanded our outreach to include startups that are doing significant, innovative work in the cloud.

Like our previous cohort, we’ve selected mature, Series A-level startups for the Seattle program. This group has an impressive average funding of $12 million at the time of joining our accelerator, and annual recurring revenue for our 10 startups sits at $2.5 million on average, with double-digit year-over-year growth.

Over the next 6 months, the startups will work with the accelerator team to build long-term partnerships with Microsoft. During the program, startups will gain deeper insights into Microsoft technologies as well as meet Microsoft product and sales teams. All of these connections will provide the startups with opportunities to leverage Microsoft assets to support their growth. Together, these program benefits will help differentiate the companies in the program from their competition and build momentum toward accelerated growth. Once startups complete the program, they will continue gaining exposure to Microsoft partners and customers through ongoing special events and our Alumni Program.

The batch 5 companies have already jumped right into the 6-month program, which kicked off last week with orientation, product design workshops, and the first of many pitch coaching sessions.

Please join us in welcoming the startups that make up batch 5!

Ever aggregates, stores, and automatically organizes photos and videos for over 10,000,000 customers globally. ever.com | Twitter: @ever | Instagram: @get.ever | LinkedIn
Folloze is an Account Based Marketing (ABM) Sales platform. It enables large enterprises to harness the power of marketing to propel sales, at scale - increasing revenue growth through strategic, targeted ABM. folloze.com | Twitter: @folloze | LinkedIn
LotusFlare makes mobile internet affordable and drives user growth for mobile Operators & Apps. lotusflare.com | Twitter: @lotus_flare | LinkedIn
MapD is The World's Fastest Database and Visual Analytics Platform: By pairing a lightning fast, SQL-compliant, GPU database with a cutting edge visual analytics engine, MapD allows multi-billion record datasets to be queried and visualized in milliseconds. mapd.com | Twitter: @mapd | LinkedIn
nCrypted Cloud enables employees of enterprises with regulated and highly sensitive data to easily, on demand, share and collaborate outside corporate boundaries, while exceeding data governance and regulatory requirements. ncryptedcloud.com | Twitter: @ncryptedcloud | LinkedIn
Tractable builds AI products with real-world expertise, so your organization can perform with more speed, accuracy, and scale than ever before. tractable.io | Twitter: @alexdalyac | LinkedIn
Unifi Software is the only self-service catalog and prep tool combined in a cloud-optimized Data-as-a-Service platform. unifisoftware.com | Twitter: @unifisoftware | LinkedIn
Vivoom is the leader in 'Shared Media' delivering the best performing mobile video for world-class brands. govivoom.com | Twitter: @vivoom | LinkedIn
Waltz Networks is a network services company that delivers a new generation of on-demand private connectivity for businesses, built on top of a global core that is up to 10x better than traditional networks. waltznetworks.com | Twitter: @waltznetworks | LinkedIn
Xcalar is a relational scale-out compute platform for modern data. xcalar.com | Twitter: @xcalarinc | LinkedIn

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