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Grow, Build and Connect with Microsoft for Startups

We are committing $500M over the next two years to offer joint sales engagements with startups, along with access to our technology, and new community spaces that promote collaboration across local and global ecosystems.

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Innovate on the most trusted cloud

Azure provides the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider and enables global scale with 50 announced Azure regions - more than any other cloud provider, so you can build solutions with confidence.

Get ready to sell into the Fortune 500

90% of Fortune 500 companies trust their business on the Microsoft cloud. We engage thousands of incentivized Microsoft sellers and channel partners globally to sell your solutions into the world's top companies.

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Use any dev tool or language

Build applications using the language of your choice, including Node.js, Java, .NET, and develop with open source technologies like Kubernetes. Free access to best-in-class Visual Studio tools that work seamlessly with over 100+ Azure cloud services.

Connect with your local community

We provide opportunities to connect and learn from other startups, developers, and engineers at key Microsoft Reactor locations:
Bangalore / Beijing / Berlin / London / New York / San Francisco / Seattle / Shanghai / Sydney / Tel Aviv

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Ready to scale your business?

Microsoft works with select accelerators, incubators, and VCs to offer these exclusive benefits. Contact your local program director to learn if you qualify. If you are not working with one of our partners, but believe you may qualify, please refer to this FAQ for additional application information. For questions or feedback, please feel free to email us at

Just getting started with Azure?

Get up and running in the cloud. Bring your favorite open source software tools and technologies to Azure and explore the possibilities using the tools and platforms you know.

More ways Microsoft supports startups

Microsoft Reactor

Microsoft Reactors are spaces designed to foster learning, networking, and resource sharing within your local startup and developer communities.

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Microsoft ScaleUp

Built to accelerate the success of enterprise-ready companies, you'll be granted access to top Microsoft partners and customers, make valuable business connections, and access a strong network of technical knowledge.

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As the corporate venture arm for the company, M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures) typically invests in enterprise software companies in the Series A through C funding stage. As part of its value-add to portfolio companies, M12 offers unique access to strategic go-to-market resources and relationships globally.

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