Unlocking Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub member benefits: a comprehensive guide

Microsoft for Startups
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Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a new, innovative platform offering support for all startups at every stage of their journey, from ideation to exit. We are democratizing access to the resources you need to build your startup from the ground up – from free cloud credits to build your product, to software and technical advisory. 

When you become a member of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub you receive a range of benefits that grow with you as your company grows. Benefits are available at every stage of your startup journey and are designed to help accelerate your startup’s growth, provide guidance at key inflection points and help your company succeed.

Benefits to help you build your product and team

Every entrepreneur and startup founder wrestles with stretching limited resources and making tough decisions about where to focus efforts on a tight budget. Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub was developed to help alleviate some of that worry. We provide you with the resources your company needs to build your product in the cloud and accelerate towards finding product market fit.