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Introducing startup-friendly offers from trusted partners in Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

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In addition to the support and benefits founders get from the Microsoft family of products and services in Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, we also offer a portfolio of trusted partner offers to provide maximum value to our in-program startups. These exciting partner offers are tailored to the needs of startups today, and we are excited to announce our first partnerships: OpenAI, Ansarada and Drata.

Open AI logo

OpenAI’s third iteration of its Generative Pre-trained Transformer language model is revolutionizing the way startups approach natural language processing. GPT-3 provides your startup with a startling range of AI-powered features including GPT-3–powered search, conversation, text completion, and more.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub members receive $1,000 in credits, three free months of OpenAI API Innovation License and a free consultation with an OpenAI expert ($8,500 in value).

OpenAI’s API provides a general-purpose “text in, text out” interface, allowing you to try it on virtually any English language task. All our startups will have the opportunity to leverage the power of natural language processing in a huge variety of use cases, from generating chat text to writing code.

We’ve received high praise from founders taking advantage of this offer, with startups finding access to GPT-3 technology to be a gamechanger. Take, Marie Toft at Emotionise, who said they have been, “amazed at the power of GPT-3. We’re training AI to generate and identify audiences’ concerns, desires and emotions to empower users to write engaging content that gets results. GPT-3 has allowed us to go much further, much faster and achieve very high accuracy rates.”

Bubble logo

Bubble, is at the forefront of the the no-code revolution with its software development platform that empowers people without programming skills to design, develop, and launch their own applications, tech products, or tools.

Members of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub can receive $3000 in credits for the Bubble platform to build fast and responsive web applications that scale. In addition, startups will also get a 50% discount on any of Bubble’s Bootcamps, which are valuable to startup teams looking to acquire fundamental Bubble skills, understand the conceptual structures of an app, and develop building techniques to help structure your first application.

Emmanuel Straschnov, Bubble founder and co-CEO, said, “We are proud to partner with Microsoft for Startups, a platform completely aligned with our goal of empowering founders to build a sustainable, long-term business and championing their most ambitious vision.”

ansarada logo

Ansarada’s AI-powered virtual data rooms help startups automate processes, manage information governance, and deliver vital intelligence on user behaviour.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub members get 12 months of free access (up to $15,000 in value) to Ansarada’s board portal and curated startup deal room, which uses data from over 24,000 previous transactions to help you make more informed decisions about your fundraising strategy.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub member, Joachim Ackermann of Produgie, told us,  “Ansarada was a very productive tool for us in our recent fundraising round as it got us quickly to a well-managed state-of-the-art data room.”

DRATA logo

Startups invest huge amounts of time and energy in ensuring the compliance of their products and services even as they are evolving and changing. Drata removes the pain of constantly revising your compliance and security status by automating this process.

Drata have waived their implementation fee and discounted the first year ($7,500 in value) for Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub members, enabling you to achieve continuous SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, & PCI DSS compliance.

Adam Markowtiz, co-founder and CEO of Drata said, “Early-stage founders continuously tell us they wish they had started prioritizing security & compliance earlier. Partnering with Microsoft for Startups allows Drata to help companies build a strong security posture from the start and set up for scalability as they go through their SOC 2 and other compliance framework journeys. Microsoft for Startups has accelerated our relationship with so many partners.”

We’re excited to extend these partner offers to our Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub community and cannot wait to see how startups leverage these amazing technologies. Over time we will be releasing more startup-friendly offers from trusted partners, so watch this space to learn more about what we have coming soon for our community.

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