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Enhance positive engineering with Prefect and Microsoft for Startups

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When I first saw Jeremiah Lowin, founder and CEO of Prefect, write about positive and negative engineering, I knew he had something valuable to offer the world of workflow management.

Lowin describes negative engineering as, “when engineers write defensive code to make sure the positive code actually runs. Negative engineering is characterized by needing to anticipate the infinity of possible failures.” He goes on to suggest that engineers spend 90% of their time on negative or defensive issues and only 10% of their time building actual solutions.

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Since 2018, Prefect has been dedicated to eliminating negative engineering by increasing productivity, streamlining orchestration, and driving efficiencies. This year we are delighted to welcome Prefect into the Microsoft for Startups portfolio. Microsoft for Startups provides startups with the resources they need as well as access to business and technical support.

Working with Prefect will help our joint customers easily deploy on trusted infrastructure with the convenience of Prefect Cloud.

We are excited to bring Chris White and Kevin Kho from Prefect to speak at this year’s Microsoft Build which is running virtually from May 25-27, 2021. Prefect has come on board as one of the sponsors of Microsoft Build and you can find details of their presentation, “Dynamic Workflow Orchestration with Azure Data Factory and Prefect” here.

Hiro Rodruguez, CRO of Prefect spoke about teaming with Microsoft for Startups, “Our team has been tirelessly working to make it easier to deploy Prefect Cloud on Azure. with the help of our friends at Microsoft, we’ve created ready-made Azure resources allowing you to deploy a Docker and Kubernetes Agent for Prefect Cloud users.”

All of our in-portfolio startups get access to the Microsoft Cloud, including Azure, to help companies like Prefect scale operations and focus on their offering.

I’ll let Hiro have the final word, “Working with Microsoft for Startups brings us another step closer to fulfilling our mission of eliminating negative engineering—and we’re only getting started.”

You can read Hiro’s article, “Prefect + Microsoft: Advancing Dataflow Automation Together” on the Prefect blog.

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