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Plan Heal: Improving early risk detection of high-cost chronic diseases with AI

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Plan Heal founder Tammy McMillerPlan Heal’s mission is clear: to transform healthcare reporting, improve patient outcomes, and enhance the overall quality of life for millions across the globe. Through innovative AI-driven solutions, like their Smart Health Assessment, Plan Heal wants to make a meaningful impact in the fight against undiagnosed diseases.

The company’s mission is near and dear to Chief Executive Officer and founder of Plan Heal, Tammy McMiller, whose loved one was diagnosed with late-stage cancer despite attending regular doctor’s appointments and voicing personal health concerns for years. A story far too common in healthcare, it inspired Tammy to leverage her expertise and data skills to make a difference.

Based on thorough research incorporating data from prominent health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, and the Liver Foundation, Plan Heal reports that, as of 2010, over 167 million Americans are either living with undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or late-detected diseases. Recognizing the prevalence of undiagnosed diseases, Plan Heal set out to address this critical issue by bridging the gap between individuals and their care team. Their solution allows patients to regularly report their symptoms through a chatbot experience or a personalized assessment tool, which enables physicians to identify risk factors earlier and facilitate timely interventions.Plan Heal Schematic 2

A holistic approach to healthcare advocacy with artificial intelligence
Through the patent-pending Smart Health Assessment, patients can track their health status to provide their care team with valuable insight for more informed decision-making. While many healthcare solutions focus primarily on symptom reporting and diagnosis, Plan Heal extends its support throughout the patient’s entire healthcare journey. Recognizing the complexities that arise post-diagnosis, particularly with high-cost chronic diseases like colorectal cancer, Plan Heal acts as a dedicated partner to assist patients.

Unlike solutions that target specific disease states, Plan Heal adopts a holistic approach to healthcare by focusing on early disease detection and disease management. Healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies can leverage Plan Heal as a white label application with products like their Smart Health Assessment while they remain behind the scenes to continuously enhance patient support. By leveraging artificial intelligence, the platform automates the entire process, ensuring that care teams receive comprehensive insights that traditional office visits often overlook due to time constraints.Plan Heal schematic
In early testing, 85% of patients reported having more engaged conversations with their healthcare providers, enabling them to delve into their health issues more scientifically. According to Plan Heal, 90% of individuals received examinations they otherwise wouldn’t have received based on the insights gleaned through the Plan Heal platform.

Finding a partner to scale
As an industry professional whose worked with Microsoft for years, Plan Heal advisor Dan Langille is all too familiar with what it takes to follow through with a startup’s vision. It requires networking, seizing opportunities, and making your solution transactable.

“If you want to be a top partner at Microsoft, get a marketplace listing, make it transactable share your pipeline for a co-sell referral, visibility,” Langille states. “Do all those things that you have to do just to really put your hand out and to be visible in the game. In collaboration with that, seize the support from Microsoft because they have so many wonderful programs for partners.”

Expanding a startup can be daunting, but there’s help around every corner. “There’s just so much out there and you’ll become paralyzed as to where to begin and you really need help with that,” McMiller explains. “So, I would recommend that new startups find programs like Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub to latch onto, complete them successfully, and then continue to build upon that.”


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