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Navigating Business Growth with AI: Practical Insights

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While artificial intelligence (AI) is not new, it has recently taken center stage. Organizations are now grappling with the question of how to effectively modernize their operations. So, how can you use AI to grow your business as a founder?

Starting a company is difficult, but startups have an advantage over enterprises because they can be more agile. The opportunity now is that new companies can infuse artificial intelligence into their infrastructure from the start. Here are a few ways companies can benefit from doing so:

Automating mundane tasks
According to the World Economic Forum, companies that resist transformation are at risk of failure and are fighting for survival. Startups have a unique opportunity to integrate AI into their processes from the beginning—a luxury that often takes longer for established enterprises. By automating everyday tasks such as documentation summaries, voice transcripts, employee onboarding, and risk assessment, organizations can achieve significant cost savings and operational efficiency. This allows resources to focus on critical areas like business growth.

AI tools can handle repetitive tasks, freeing up employees to concentrate on higher-value work. Whether it’s automating document processing, streamlining workflows, or automating fractional tasks, AI contributes to overall productivity and efficiency across the organization. Companies like GoodCall, for example. are creating in-house experts for busy and growing businesses, automating phone calls with conversational AI assistants. There are a number of accessible tools like Chat GPT that take on the heavy lifting of curating marketing plans, or GitHub Copilot for engineers looking for assistance with coding.

Leveraging AI as a competitive advantage for growth plans
Embracing AI isn’t just about process optimization; it can also serve as a powerful competitive advantage and business growth tool. First and foremost, enhancing products with AI, such as improving accessibility of a product can significantly impact market positioning which can include customer experiences and ease of product use through improving product offerings. As the AI market is projected to reach $126 billion by 2025, startups can tap into this growth potential. When it comes to marketing and sales, AI plays a crucial role in helping businesses analyze customer data through language models and machine learning. Understanding which segments of your business are most profitable and how to engage effectively with top customers can give you a strategic edge.

Partnering with AI leaders
Collaboration with AI leaders through programs like Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub can grant startups with access to new customers through channels like the Azure marketplace and provide commercial benefits such as Azure credits and other products and resources to help businesses grow. There are also co-selling opportunities and incentives to further boost revenue growth.

As an example, Fero AI, a Dubai-based startup, developed the Transport Interactive Assistant (TiA)—dubbed “the world’s first Alexa for logistics.” TiA is an intelligent virtual assistant for logistics and freight. By leveraging Microsoft for Startups, Fero gained access to tools, mentoring, and corporate partnerships. In the year to date, they’ve helped clients automate 1,000,000 interactions, including emails and calls related to 56,000 automated truck trips, resulting in combined savings of an estimated $13 million.

Fero’s success demonstrates how collaboration with Microsoft empowered them to disrupt the global logistics industry. Or explore benefits from the likes of Mercury, a financial technology company, which partners with Microsoft for Startups. They offer banking solutions tailored for startups at any size or stage. Mercury commits to supporting startups from the very beginning of their journey and as they grow. This flexibility helps avoid the hassle of switching banks, which is crucial for long-term success.

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marina arnaoutMarina Arnaout is the recipient of Tech Nation UK Exceptional Global Talent in Technology award. She currently holds the role of Enterprise Client Director at Microsoft working with some of the largest firms in UK, helping them grow and transform with Microsoft technology, resources and team. Marina has a postgraduate degree from London School of Economics with a dissertation focused on AI, and is currently a mentor at Microsoft for Startups, advising on strategy and growth.

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