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Microsoft for Startups RSA Conference 2024 featured image featuring logos of all pegasus startups attending the conference

Join Microsoft for Startups at RSA 2024

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What is the RSA Conference and why you should attend
RSA is the world’s premiere cybersecurity event where professionals and experts come together to discuss the latest technologies and challenges.

This year, the RSA is taking place in San Francisco, California at the Moscone Center from May 6 – 9. The conference features a variety of sessions to attend, including keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops, covering topics such as threat intelligence, cloud security, cryptography, risk management, and emerging threats. Connect with startups pushing the bounds of security innovation at the RSA Conference 2024 with Microsoft for Startups!

Meet the Pegasus startups at RSA 2024
Stop by the Microsoft booth #6044N at the Moscone Center (0.4 miles from the Palace Hotel) for our theater session at 12:30 PM (PST) on Wednesday, May 8. Make sure to visit us at the Microsoft Security Hub at the Palace Hotel where you can meet directly with startups and discover how these companies are transforming security and AI. Register for these sessions:

Want to meet our founders in-person? Schedule your one-on-one meeting here: To learn more about the Pegasus program and the startups attending the event, view our informational portfolio deck here.

Cerby logo

Cerby is a security solution that streamlines access management for non-federated applications, seamlessly integrating them into the Azure AD identity lifecycle to enhance security and compliance. By automating user onboarding, offboarding, and login processes, Cerby eliminates the need for manual tools and reduces the cyber risk associated with managing access to unmanageable applications.

Cranium logo

Cranium AI provides essential insights for cybersecurity and data science teams, enabling them to comprehensively understand the impact of AI on their systems, data, and services. By securing organizations’ AI and machine learning systems with compliance and trustworthiness in mind, Cranium ensures protection against adversarial threats while allowing uninterrupted workflow for training, testing, and deploying AI models.

devicie logo

Devicie simplifies device management by leveraging Microsoft Intune to automate tasks such as OS patching, application updates, and policy enforcement for compliance and security. By rapidly accelerating Intune implementation and eliminating repetitive tasks, Devicie ensures organizations can efficiently manage their devices in the Cloud, reducing resource strain and improving overall endpoint management effectiveness.

Fletch logo

Fletch offers a streamlined solution for threat intelligence, allowing organizations to efficiently track and remediate major threats with ease. By combining major threat tracking with Microsoft Defender’s alerts and remediation guidance, Fletch ensures that organizations stay ahead of evolving threats, providing continuous correlation of findings and actionable advice for fast remediation.

RegScale logo

RegScale automates regulatory compliance and risk management as a Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) platform that integrates automation, dashboards, and AI tools. By streamlining certification processes, automating evidence collection, and providing comprehensive dashboards, RegScale empowers organizations to achieve rapid certification, anticipate threats, and strengthen security while minimizing costs and handoffs between teams.

Sentra logo

Sentra offers a comprehensive Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) platform designed to identify, classify, and secure sensitive data across cloud environments, ensuring proactive risk mitigation and compliance adherence. With a cloud-native approach that eliminates the need for agents or data connectors, Sentra provides organizations with clear visibility into their sensitive cloud data, prioritized security postures, and automated issue routing.

Synthesized logo

Synthesized simplifies the process of creating and accessing high-quality data for machine learning, application development, and testing through easy-to-use config files, automating the replacement of sensitive production data in non-production environments. By enabling developers to quickly access production-like data, Synthesized enhances model performance, accelerates time to value, and facilitates innovation and collaboration, ultimately optimizing application testing and deployment processes.

Tetrate logo

Tetrate offers the Tetrate Service Bridge (TSB), a unique edge-to-workload application connectivity platform designed to provide enterprises with consistent and unified service connectivity and security across their entire mesh-managed environment. Their platform enables seamless routing, load balancing, and connectivity control while offering a single management plane for configuring connectivity, security, and observability across the application network.

transcend logo

Transcend addresses the challenges of data governance by offering a unified platform that enables companies to better manage their data, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and enhancing business resilience. Through features such as data discovery, classification, autonomous privacy operations, risk intelligence, and AI governance, Transcend empowers organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500s to startups, to simplify compliance efforts and strengthen their data governance practices.

Valence logo

Valence addresses the challenges of distributed SaaS adoption by offering a collaborative security platform to reduce risks, including data sharing, supply chain, identity, and misconfiguration risks. By leveraging data from Azure Active Directory, Valence ensures zero trust principles are enforced on both human and non-human identities, while also analyzing external data sharing risks and identifying misconfigurations to enhance security posture.

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