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Join Microsoft for Startups at VivaTech (Paris) – Europe’s largest technology conference

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What is VivaTech?
VivaTech, Europe’s premier technology event is held annually in Paris, France. This year’s conference will bring together the brightest minds, innovative startups, and industry leaders to explore the future of technology.

Join Microsoft for Startups at VivaTech from May 22 – 25 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in Hall 1 Booth J47 and be a part of the revolution that’s shaping the future of technology and society.

Startups to meet at the Microsoft booth (Hall 1 Booth J47)

360 learning logo
360Learning reimagines learning and development by leveraging AI and collaborative features to transform in-house experts into L&D collaborators, enabling rapid and continuous upskilling within organizations. From compliance training to sales enablement, 360Learning fosters a culture of collaborative learning where learners are teachers, and L&D and in-house experts work together to share knowledge and drive growth.

alpha10x logo
Alpha10X offers a decision intelligence platform, harnessing the power of AI, to analyze billions of investment-related data points and predict the future with accuracy. With features like automated discovery, streamlined analysis, and open APIs for customization and extensibility, Alpha10X empowers users to uncover relevant insights efficiently, accelerate decision-making processes, and stay ahead of market trends.

bria ai logo

Bria AI offers a comprehensive solution for all visual generation and modification needs, providing access to foundational models, APIs, SDKs, and seamless web integration. Exclusively trained from scratch on the largest licensed dataset in collaboration with data partners, Bria AI ensures the highest quality outputs with full liability coverage and copyright protection, enabling safe commercial use.

circular place logo
CircularPlace provides a platform for managing unsold goods, returns, and second-hand equipment, offering options to sell through a marketplace, donate to partner associations, or recycle responsibly. With a focus on optimizing the collection and management of returns and equipment, CircularPlace ensures efficient and sustainable handling of surplus inventory, benefiting both businesses and the planet.

Cosmo Tech logo
CosmoTech’s AI simulation platform empowers businesses to navigate complexity and unpredictability by simulating thousands of potential scenarios, allowing them to anticipate disruptions, improve decision-making, and balance sustainability with profitability. By leveraging Prescriptive Simulation Twins, clients can proactively plan, optimize operations, and make informed decisions rapidly.

D-id logo

D-ID is a nexus of innovation in the generative AI landscape, transforming still photographs into dynamic AI video narratives and interactive experiences featuring digital people. Its robust API is unique in its ability to enable real-time video generation, which is central to live streaming and interactive engagements across sectors like customer experience (CX), marketing, and learning and development. The self-service Creative Reality™ Studio and mobile apps extend D-ID’s innovative reach, simplifying the creation and customization of AI-generated videos.

haut ai logo

Haut AI automates the collection of high-quality skin data for brands, facilitating personalized skin testing and interactive product recommendations on e-commerce platforms. With its advanced AI engine trained on millions of face and skin images, Haut AI provides essential tools for skincare brands to understand their customers’ needs, offering personalized product suggestions based on image analysis and lifestyle information.

holis logo
Holis empowers teams to craft sustainable products by unlocking the power of eco-design and Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), providing reliable environmental data, compliance with regulations, and user-centered collaboration. With Holis, visualize your product’s life cycle, measure impact across the supply chain, and explore eco-design alternatives using AI-powered algorithms, enabling informed decision-making and sustainable practices at every stage.

holistic ai logo
Holistic AI empowers enterprises to adopt and scale AI with transparency, accountability, and safety. Its comprehensive and modular AI Governance platform serves as the single source of truth on AI usage across organizational use-cases, helping mitigate risks, reduce time to value on AI projects, and improve performance baselines. With role-based dashboards for risk posture management, automated workflows, AI discovery and inventory, the platform empowers enterprises to create, operate, and innovate confidently while ensuring regulatory compliance. Learn more about their platform here.

hyperplan logo
Powered by remote sending data and artificial intelligence, Hyperplan empowers businesses with timely and reliable insights on agricultural production, facilitating secure and sustainable growth. The user-friendly software provides unparalleled visibility into the entire agri-food chain, translating parcel-level data into actionable decisions for daily operations.

Mandarine logo
Mandarine Academy offers a SaaS (Software as a Service) training solution powered by AI, providing personalized communications and recommendations tailored to each learner’s profile to accelerate their digital tool adoption. By prioritizing user engagement and motivation, Mandarine Academy ensures the success of projects and maximizes ROI, offering a customizable learning management system (LMS) platform accessible 24/7 for users to train at their own pace.

Maxxing logo
Maxxing offers a real-time omnichannel SaaS platform designed to personalize the customer experience based on transactional and emotional behaviors, enabling brands to boost engagement, revenue, and customer retention. By putting customers at the heart of their strategy, Maxxing empowers brands to optimize commercial offers, stay connected with consumers through relevant content, and ensure end-to-end customer satisfaction, ultimately creating seamless and personalized experiences for their audience.

Milvue logo
Milvue is a leading MedTech company specializing in artificial intelligence for medical imaging, offering an AI solution that streamlines radiological reporting. Partnering with industry leaders like Microsoft and Nuance, Milvue’s innovative approach combines expert models and generative AI to enhance radiology practices, enabling a collaborative experience and transforming healthcare with scalable solutions that prioritize results, offer diagnostic support, and automate quantification algorithms.

niramai logo

Niramai‘s Thermalytix breast cancer screening test harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide reliable, early, and accurate detection of breast cancer with thermal imaging technology. With over 100,000 women screened in multiple countries and regulatory clearance in Europe, India, and beyond, Niramai’s solution offers a low-cost, radiation-free alternative to traditional methods, ensuring accessible and effective cancer screening for women of all ages. Learn more with Niramai’s clinical brochure.

pelico logo
Pelico offers an operations management platform designed to enhance the agility and resilience of factory teams in complex manufacturing environments. By providing a single source of truth, Pelico enables teams to anticipate bottlenecks, prioritize corrective actions, facilitate cross-functional collaboration, ensuring quick responses to supply chain disruptions and effectively mitigating their impact.

pockyt__logo color positive 512

Pockyt is a fintech solution that streamlines cross-border transactions, facilitating payments between the US market and e-merchant markets like China. It enables seamless expansion for US companies into new markets while supporting transactions for consumers who prefer local payment methods such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, Klarna, PayPal, KakaoPay, and CashApp. logo is an omnichannel product lifecycle management platform designed to simplify the after-sales experience for customers and employees alike. As a cloud-based SaaS software specializing in after-sales, connects all stakeholders into a single source of truth, facilitating digital transformation efforts while reducing operational costs and environmental footprint in a rapidly growing market focused on repairability, circular economy, and second life.

Shift logo
Shift Technology provides AI-powered decision-making solutions for the global insurance industry, enhancing operational efficiency and customer experiences while mitigating fraud and risk. Their products optimize and automate critical decisions across the policy lifecycle, from underwriting risk detection to claims fraud detection and compliance efforts.

Synthesized logo

Synthesized is a London-based company founded in 2018 by a team of Cambridge machine-learning, statistics PhDs and Deutsche Bank core engineers operating in the US/EMEA/APAC. The Synthesized platform gives users ability to populate development & test environments with production-like data using high-quality database generation, masking and intelligent subsetting powered by Generative AI, replicating database structures and maintaining key features like referential integrity whilst also preserving data privacy.

Typeface logo for white background

Typeface is the enterprise-grade generative AI platform to supercharge personalized content creation. By uniting content velocity with brand personalization and control, any enterprise can now create exceptional, on-brand content faster and easier than ever before. We provide industry-first self-serve solutions for complete lifecycle content development, so every employee can craft captivating content with ease, speed, and brand authenticity. Talk to Typeface’s generative AI experts here.

vusiongroup logo
Vusion transforms physical stores into digital assets, offering a unified commerce infrastructure that enhances efficiency and store performance. By digitalizing every aspect of a store environment, Vusion creates a sustainable hybrid model driven by data, providing a superior commerce experience for both consumers and associates.

Xtramile logo
Xtramile’s goal is to optimize HR sourcing by leveraging artificial intelligence and data to automate job offer distribution, application reading, and recruitment for challenging profiles. Their comprehensive “HR Job & CV Trading Desk” integrates multicasting, programmatic HR, CV parsing, and HR business intelligence, developed through extensive collaboration with research institutions like INRIA, Université Paris-Saclay, and Microsoft’s AI Factory incubator at Station F.

ydistri logo
YDISTRI specializes in retail inventory management through intelligent store-to-store redistributions, powered by AI. By identifying unsellable products in one location that would thrive in another, YDISTRI minimizes overstock and stockout scenarios, reducing waste and markdowns while maximizing profits and customer satisfaction. YDISTRI’s approach offers substantial savings compared to traditional discounting methods, addressing a 500 billion (USD) problem in the retail industry. Unlock the power of AI-driven retail inventory management with YDISTRI and transform your profitability today. Check out their case studies to learn more.

yzr logo
YZR is a next-generation SaaS tool designed to streamline end-to-end product data management for retailers and e-commerce businesses, saving teams up to 60% of their time by automating mundane tasks. With YZR’s AI solution, users can optimize omnichannel content effortlessly, transforming raw product titles and descriptions into structured, enriched data, and generating SEO-friendly headlines and custom product descriptions in multiple languages instantly.

zblocks logo
zblocks revolutionizes how brands engage with consumers in a post-cookie era. Leveraging smart tokens and Web3 wallets, zblocks platform facilitates direct connections between brands and consumers, sidestepping conventional advertising networks. This approach significantly lowers Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC), boosts Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), reduces churn, and secures invaluable zero-party and first-party data—all while ensuring new monetization opportunities through exciting and easy to implement PII-free cross-brand experiences. Check out zblocks’ blog and white paper to learn more.

zelros logo
Zelros is an award-winning SaaS platform known as The Insurance Copilot™, delivering real-time personalized insurance recommendations across channels through AI and generative artificial intelligence technology. Trusted by insurance leaders across Europe, Zelros enhances client acquisition, cross-sell, and up-sell opportunities, while driving agent effectiveness and increasing customer loyalty in both personal and small business lines.

Meet the startups
Schedule a one-on-one meeting with any of our startups at VivaTech 2024 or stop by the Microsoft booth in Hall 1 Booth #J47 to discuss how their solution is changing the technology landscape. Contact Lisa at

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