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Looking back at Microsoft Build 2022

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The dust has barely settled on what has been another fantastic year at Microsoft Build. Over two days we conducted 541 sessions in eight different languages, covering 7 different solution areas including Azure, AI, Security, and, of course, startups.

There were sessions aimed at all levels from foundational to expert and a wide range of session formats starting with a keynote from Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, together with product roundtable meetings and connection zone sessions where attendees could engage with peers and collaborate with experts in real time.

Just like in previous years we were able to partner with some of the highest-profile companies in Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub and bring their expertise and experience to the wider Microsoft community. Each of these sessions is available for you to watch and revisit. Click the links below to catch up now.


Aisera Logo

Click here to see Aisera at Microsoft Build 2022

Aisera’s AI Service Desk empowers organizations with business uptime, improved productivity, cost reduction, and a consumer-like self-service experience for both employees and customers.


applica logo

Click here to see Applica at Microsoft Build 2022

Applica’s AI-based automation software recognizes and interprets information in seconds, handling even the most complex documents with over 90% accuracy. Engineered by an R&D team of over 45 PhDs and AI scientists, Applica Robotic Text Automation utilizes proprietary neural language models and Contextual Awareness, a brain-inspired technology that mimics the way that humans interact with documents.

Carma (with Adobe)

carma logo

Click here to see Carma (with Adobe) at Microsoft Build 2022

Carma provides perfect visibility into space, power, and connectivity, whether you are an infrastructure provider, enterprise, or commercial real estate investor. Understand the complete picture of linked revenue, expenses, assets, and services with the most powerful and comprehensive platform for understanding the totality of your digital transformation.

DeepBrain AI

deepbrain ai logo

Click here to see DeepBrain AI at Microsoft Build 2022

DeepBrain AI video synthesis solutions leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to quickly create lifelike, human-based AI avatars that inform, solve, and guide users through thousands of possible scenarios and real-time interactions. DeepBrain AI is humanizing digital customer engagements and bridging the gap between enterprise clients and their end customers using its two-way conversational AI Human solution as a new, but more natural way for enterprises to interact and engage with their customers in an increasingly digitized and pandemic ridden world.

Noname Security

noname security logo

Click here to see Noname Security at Microsoft Build 2022

Digital transformation and the pandemic have fueled explosive growth and dependence on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Naturally, this proliferation has led to an increase in the number of API security incidents.

Noname Security protects APIs in real time and detects vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they are exploited. The Noname API Security Platform is an out-of-band solution that doesn’t require agents or network modifications, and offers deeper visibility and security than API gateways, load balancers, and WAFs.


observable logo

Click here to see Observable at Microsoft Build 2022

Observable is the collaborative data canvas built for, and powered by community. Observable’s community is made up of hundreds of thousands of data practitioners: data analysts, data scientists, front-end developers, students, teachers, and other humans working with data. Together, they’re creating and sharing their work with more than 5 million visitors and contributing to the largest collection of data visualization examples in the world.

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