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Meet the next generation of leading healthcare startups at HLTH 2021

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co-written with Malary Schurman

On October 17-20, Microsoft and the Microsoft for Startups team will be attending HLTH in Boston. HLTH brings together top health industry leaders along with government officials, policy experts, politicians, tech influencers and impassioned celebrities to explore the future of healthcare. If you are interested in connecting, you will find us at the Funding Founders pavilion along with other startups, accelerators, and venture capital companies.

The startups that are attending with us include companies that are innovating in patient engagement, health team collaboration and clinical and operational insights.

Enhancing Patient Engagement


Consent management software application built upon a Decentralized Identity Management architecture and currently available in Azure.

Sonavi Labs

Digital stethoscopes (Feelix) that can auto-diagnose respiratory diseases, features proprietary hardware embedded with clinically validated diagnostic software capable of detecting respiratory diseases like pneumonia in seconds.


Patient engagement solution across all digital touchpoints with natural language understanding – powered voice & text capabilities.

Ellipsis Health

AI platform that quantifies anxiety and depression symptoms with two to three minutes of speech.

Empowering Health Team Collaboration

Warrior Centric Health

Cost-effective population health solutions for healthcare facilities, enabling them to improve health outcomes to the Warrior Community—military veterans, reservists, National Guard , and their families—who comprise as much as 25% of the facility’s patient population.

Dock Health

HIPAA-compliant workflow management and collaboration platform built to help healthcare teams reduce their administrative burden, prevent dropped balls and deliver more reliable and efficient patient care.

Improving Clinical and Operational Insights

Activ Surgical

Patent-protected surgical software platform that offers real-time surgical guidance in the form of ActivInsight visual overlays, available at the click of a button through the FDA 510(k) cleared ActivSight Intraoperative Imaging Module.


Platform that identifies and prevents medication-related errors and risks by applying advanced machine learning algorithms and outlier detection mechanisms.


Metabolite-profiling platform and customized machine learning algorithms to identify individual molecular profiles to remove the guesswork in how to treat a patient’s disease.

SciMar ONE

Proprietary AI-powered drug development platform that helps pharma accelerate drug development towards commercialization.

Find us at the Funding Founders pavilion at HLTH 2021

If you are a leader in a provider or life sciences company and are interested in meeting with these startups, please contact us at to set up an appointment.

If you’re a startup and you want to learn more about how Microsoft is partnering with startups stop by the Funding Founders pavilion or check out the Microsoft for Startups website.

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