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Top Startup Resources – Health & Life Sciences

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In my work with startups in the health and life sciences space, I have the opportunity to see which stumbling blocks commonly arise when companies are going from ideation to minimal viable product (MVP). To that end, I’ve curated a set of resources to help you navigate the most common pitfalls I see with health and life science (HLS) startups.

Microsoft Cloud for Health

With the recently released Microsoft Cloud for Health, startups are eager to understand what it is and how it might impact the industry. Additionally, many founders are eager to know what our strategy is for each of the industry segments we serve, i.e., providers, payers, and pharmaceutical, life sciences and medical device companies. These links will help you understand Microsoft’s positioning and where your startup fits within that framework. It’s important to remember that Microsoft is, as Satya Nadella, our CEO and Board Chair stated, a “productivity and platform company.” We don’t build healthcare solutions, our partners – and startups, do. So, check out these resources to learn more about our HLS strategy.

From a technical perspective, the architecture of the Microsoft Cloud for Health is critical to understand. The following includes links to documentation for HLS specific technologies as well as general resources to help you optimize your solution on the Microsoft Cloud.

While last on this list, regulatory requirements often top of the list of considerations when developing a product road map. While Microsoft doesn’t offer legal or regulatory guidance of any sort, here are assets that can help you better understand the security, compliance and regulatory aspects of the Microsoft Cloud.

Finally, the US Department of Health and Human Services has posted their own BAA template that you can find that here Sample Business Associate Contracts from

While this list will continue to grow, we hope these resources will help provide a quick place for you to get started.

More to come.

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