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Under the key theme of “Industrial Transformation”, exhibitors and industry thought leaders at this year’s Hannover Messe will present their technologies and ideas for the manufacturing factories, energy systems and supply chains of the future. Running from Monday April 12 through Thursday April 15, the fair once again comprises three tracks—Expo, Conference and Networking, and participants can connect directly with companies, top speakers and participants online.

Microsoft is committed to boosting the manufacturing ecosystem by empowering startups. As in previous years, Microsoft for Startups is highlighting its links with companies in the manufacturing sector as part of our overall commitment to accelerate the trajectory of high-potential B2B startups to grow at scale. To this end, Microsoft has recently launched its Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing to provide support for the core processes and requirements of the manufacturing industry. Microsoft for Startups is helping startups by providing extensive manufacturing industry expertise, in-depth product knowledge on cloud technologies, and timely support. Startups have a complete feedback loop with dedicated partner development managers from Microsoft to equip startups with the same knowledge and opportunities as their larger competitors. Learn more about this innovative collaboration from the startups below.

Microsoft works with a range of product and service startups that:

  • Digitally empower the workforce
  • Operate safe and agile factories
  • Create more resilient supply chains
  • Unlock innovation and new services

Several of the manufacturing startups that Microsoft for Startups is partnering with include:


Seeq logo

Seeq is an advanced analytics solution for process manufacturers that enables organizations to rapidly investigate and share insights from processes and contextual data. With Seeq, industrial customers connect to disparate data sources to gain a single view of process manufacturing data at scale—all without copying or changing source data. Seeq’s deep insights enable organizations to improve product quality, asset availability, and yields. The combination of Microsoft and Seeq pairs a secure cloud services platform with innovation in advanced analytics. Seeq’s focus on driving advanced analytics innovation in process manufacturing organizations makes it an ideal addition to the Azure ecosystem. Seeq provides a SaaS application with support from Azure cloud services including Synapse, Azure Data Lake, Azure Notebooks, Time Series Insights, and Power Automation. You can learn more about Seeq on the Azure Marketplace here.

Seeq video presentation


TwinThread logo

TwinThread provides a repeatable, highly digitized, rule-based, and data-rich approach to continuous improvement that can be deployed quickly and used through an organization. TwinThread has overcome many of the technical barriers to adopting advanced operations technologies, including connectivity to virtually any vendor’s sensors, automation systems, and industrial software coupled with the ability to scale solutions across many hundreds of thousands of assets. TwinThread provides their Predictive Operations Platform on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and integrates a variety of Microsoft products and services, Azure IoT, Microsoft Azure Bot Service, Power BI, Azure – Machine Learning/Analytics. You can read TwinThread’s Azure case study here.



The diversity of hardware and software across the distributed edge landscape keeps many edge projects from scaling effectively. The integration of ZEDEDA’s simple-to-use, cloud-based, open orchestration solution with Azure IoT makes it possible to simplify the deployment of Azure IoT projects to get beyond the proof-of-concept stage and scale production rapidly across thousands of nodes. ZEDEDA and Microsoft are making it easier to get value from data at the edge by solving the challenges of provisioning and securing devices and applications, full deployment lifecycle management, and accelerating the collection and transmission of data to the Azure cloud to enrich with advanced analytics and machine learning. ZEDEDA provides their Edge Orchestration for Azure IoT solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. It integrates with Azure IoT, Azure DPS, and can be configured to send data to any Azure service. ZEDEDA provides full lifecycle management of edge hardware and applications, including one-click deployment of the Azure IoT Edge runtime and Azure IoT modules, accelerating the productization of Azure IoT projects at scale.

3d Signals

3d Signals logo

3d Signals accelerates the digital transformation of manufacturers to the Industry 4.0 era. Their solution enables immediate visibility into production floors, through the quick, non-invasive, and machine-agnostic deployment of a wide range of sensors. The AI-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform transforms this data into powerful insights, providing multiple business intelligence and analysis tools in the cloud, improving machine productivity and reducing operating costs within months of installation.

Galia Kedmi Fragman, VP Business development at 3d Signals said, “On joining the Microsoft for startups program we started to use Microsoft technology, and specifically working with Microsoft Azure Cloud services. Using the industrial Industry 4.0 IoT solutions will enable us to focus on our mission of improving our customers’ business KPIs. It will enable us to have the Azure security best practices, IoT device monitoring and other services to increase our engineering resources focus and effectiveness in meeting our GTM. Azure also provides us a holistic product strategy approach by an out-of-the-box interoperability to enterprise and operational industrial systems.

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