Adding Bubble to Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

| Microsoft for Startups

No and low code can be extremely powerful for entrepreneurs, both technical or non-technical, to validate core hypotheses with customers quickly and build enterprise-grade apps at reduced cost. No-code is weaning startups off a longer, more expensive, less efficient development process, and it is changing the game for startups.

At the front of the no-code revolution is Bubble, the leading no-code software development platform that empowers people without programming skills to design, develop, and launch their own applications, tech products, or tools, and we are excited to bring Bubble’s no-code platform to all Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub startups.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub startups will now receive $3000 in credits for the Bubble platform to build fast and responsive web applications that scale. In addition to credits, startups will also get a 50% discount on any of Bubble’s Bootcamps, which are valuable to startup teams looking to acquire fundamental Bubble skills, understand the conceptual structures of an app, and develop building techniques to help structure your first application.

Bubble’s drag-and-drop interface allows its more than two million users to develop complex web apps with any add-on features or backend database systems they require.

“We are proud to partner with Microsoft for Startups, a platform completely aligned with our goal of empowering founders to build a sustainable, long-term business and championing their most ambitious vision,” said Emmanuel Straschnov, Bubble founder and co-CEO. “Bubble is a unique, comprehensive tool that lets you build anything without relying on engineers and with the support of our inventive community.”

We’re excited to bring this offer to our Founders Hub community to further reduce the barriers to startup success, and we can’t wait to see what you build.

To get access to Bubble and other Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub benefits, sign up today.

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