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Azure OpenAI Service

Azure OpenAI Service powers the next generation of startups

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In the past few months, large-scale, generative AI models have been fueling the next wave of applications and startups, leveraging APIs with deep understandings of language and code to enable new comprehension scenarios and cutting-edge solutions.  

We recently announced the general availability of Azure OpenAI Service as part of Microsoft’s continued commitment to democratizing AI, and ongoing partnership with OpenAI. 

Startups in Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub can access OpenAI APIs today, and the launch of Azure OpenAI Service presents even more opportunities for startups in our portfolio to take advantage of the OpenAI offerings under the Microsoft umbrella and build using the next generation of AI services.  

Read on to better understand what Azure OpenAI Service is and how and when our startups can leverage it.  

What is Azure OpenAI Service? 

Azure OpenAI Service is an Azure AI service that allows access to OpenAI’s large language models GPT-3.5, Codex and Embeddings through the Azure platform. These models can be adapted to tasks such as content generation, summarization, semantic search, and natural language to code translation. Users access the service through REST APIs, Python SDK, or the web-based interface in the Azure OpenAI Studio. It allows developers to discover the art-of-the-possible with cutting-edge models from OpenAI and take their use-cases to production with the enterprise-grade reliability, security and global availability that comes with Microsoft Azure.  

Today, a selection of the OpenAI Models are available, including GPT-3, Codex, Embeddings, and DALL-E (preview) via limited availability. 

  • GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a family of language models, pre-trained on a large corpus of text data and can be fine-tuned for a variety of natural language processing tasks relevant to many startup use cases, such as copywriting and question answering.  
  • Codex is an AI system that translates natural language to code. Startups can use Codex to generate natural-language descriptions of code examples, generate code snippets and more. You can also leverage GitHub CoPilot that integrates to the IDE and suggests entire functions in real-time, reducing time and resources needed to build software. 
  • DALL-E is a generative model, generating images from text prompts. Startups can use this to create marketing images enhancing the environment of clicked images, artwork based on prompts or even whole design studios customizing to user’s prompts. 

How’s this different from the OpenAI API benefit on Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub? 

OpenAI APIs are directly available as a benefit in Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub and as a service via Azure. Azure OpenAI Service gets you access to the APIs, along with 99.9% uptime, responsible AI guardrails, enterprise-grade security and privacy controls and regional availability as an enterprise-class service. You can select the right offering for your use-case! Read more here.

How can Microsoft for Startups portfolio companies access Azure OpenAI Service?  

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to responsible AI, we currently limit the access and use of Azure OpenAI Service, including limiting access to the ability to modify content filters and modify abuse monitoring. Learn more here: Limited access to Azure OpenAI Service – Azure Cognitive Services | Microsoft Learn

Azure OpenAI Service has in-built guardrails for Microsoft’s Responsible AI principle. Startups in Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub must apply for access for their specific use-case. You’re encouraged to apply under the most fitting review criteria for your stage (experimentation vs production). Reach out to the Founders Hub support team if you have any trouble. Once approved for use, customers can login to the Azure portal to create an Azure OpenAI resource and then get started either in our Studio website or via code. You can read and learn more in Eric’s blog.  Customers can learn more about the requirements for access and apply here.

Watch this space as we roll out future developments for startups in Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. We’ll share updates as they happen, and make sure all startups are well positioned to take advantage of these new rich offerings.

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