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Aisera’s conversational AI solution enhances customer experiences at scale – #LaunchWithAI

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“Elevate the humane, automate the mundane.”

This is the core value at the heart of Aisera, an AI-driven startup with a user base of over 100 million. The Aisera platform automates repetitive tasks and provides behavioral intelligence for global companies across multiple industries. Aisera’s clients typically resolve 75% of customer service requests through chatbots.

We sat down with Jyoti Kukreja, Aisera’s chief of staff and head of business development, to learn more about the startup, including how they’re using the latest AI technologies and expanding their reach.

Taking an industry-first approach to conversational AI 

Aisera is an AI-based platform that offers employee and customer service solutions to businesses. Aisera’s platform uses AI technology to engage users in human-like conversations and enable them to self-serve.

“Aisera offers the industry’s first proactive, preemptive, and predictive platform, Jyoti says. “The ability to use AI right out of the box with preemptive workflows and dialogue management makes AI really come to life for customers. Our approach makes it easy for the AI to understand the intents of users coming to the platform and to engage them naturally so their questions are understood and fully addressed.

“It helps improve operational efficiency and productivity for our users—employees and customers alike. We created the industry’s first specific ontologies, taxonomies, dialogue, and intent flows, and we leverage Microsoft’s AI and ML services, including Azure Cognitive Services, Azure OpenAI Service, and Azure Machine Learning. Using Azure AI and ML services allows us to build deeper and broader Large Language Models (LLMs), and to drive higher accuracy.”

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Operating globally and in 80+ languages

“Our customers are multinational companies. Many are part of the Global 500, so they have multilingual needs. We support more than 80 languages, and we use Large Language Models (LLMs), which make it possible for conversations and dialogue flows to be well-understood and to scale.”

Leveraging ChatGPT and OpenAI

“We are leveraging OpenAI and LLMs to create complex workflows. Generative AI models help us execute complex processes and workflows at scale. The fact that Azure is natively supporting OpenAI and ChatGPT opens new doors for us. We’re keen on how OpenAI integrates with the whole Microsoft portfolio, and we’re excited about bringing more of that goodness to our end users.

“The front end, the NLP aspect of an AI solution, is now readily available. If you’re just starting out, take advantage of it. It’s a great time to be in AI.”

“Azure AI services and the broader portfolio give Aisera the ultimate building experience. Today, Aisera + OpenAI + Azure provides a better-together solution for enterprise users and applications. We use Azure’s AI in a variety of use cases such as public knowledge serving, improving unresolved conversation performance, identifying knowledge gaps, and understanding complex user requests. We also leverage Nuance for voice-to-text services that are supported by Azure AI and ML.”

Integrating with Microsoft technologies to create great user experiences

“We integrate with Microsoft products including SharePoint, Active Directory, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and others—Aisera integrates across the Microsoft portfolio in scenarios that require low latency, giving customers the ability to get the fastest resolution rate and lowest latency.

“Our integration with Microsoft Teams really stands out, providing a unique user experience with dialogue management and user behavioral analytics. We enable Microsoft Teams to be the central process hub for a company, a place where you can get your questions answered, get to resolutions. This works well because it’s where many of our users hang out already. Teams makes it possible for Aisera to create in-context workflows, to serve up knowledgebase articles and solutions with the right context. When you ask a question, you automatically get a back-end workflow created to address that question. The fact that it’s a conversational system of record means that you can bring notifications to the user in the relevant context.”

For more context: Aisera’s Microsoft Teams AI Service Desk solution was built to resolve IT issues in automated, intuitive ways. It leverages Conversational AI, NLU search, and unsupervised NLP to speed up resolution of customer queries.

Going to market with support from Microsoft

“Working with Microsoft for Startups has been a game-changer for us. It’s opened sales opportunities and it’s opened opportunities to get well-integrated with the broader Microsoft portfolio beyond AI and ML services. And the customer wins because they know Microsoft and Aisera both have their back— at a go-to market level, they know we will address their needs and their requirements. We absolutely appreciate the partnership and also the opportunities that it brings to us and to our customers.”

Takeaways for other startups

AI is helping startups like Aisera create better user experiences, scale cost-effectively, and solve problems in new ways. And with recent advances in generative AI models, startups have a more powerful set of tools than ever before.

Kukreja from Aisera said it well: “The front end, the NLP aspect of an AI solution, is now readily available. If you’re just starting out, take advantage of it. It’s a great time to be in AI.”

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