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AI Startup Showcase: Blink–the journey of building the world’s first security automation copilot

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With over 3.4 million cybersecurity jobs open, security automation is quickly becoming a key solution for organizations to defend against the massive volume of attacks enterprises face daily. Blink was founded by a global team of cybersecurity experts seeking to address this challenge and simplify automation for security and platform operations teams everywhere.

In the past few months, Blink fully embraced generative AI technologies to build the world’s first Security Automation Copilot. In collaboration with Microsoft for Startups Pegasus program, Blink offers a comprehensive list of more than 8,000 automated workflows to help any Security/IT task or workflow by typing a prompt.

In this episode of “AI Startup Showcase,” Adir Ron, the CTO Team Lead for EMEA in Microsoft for Startups, discusses Blink’s unique journey from Security Automation company to becoming an AI-First company with Or Wilder, Director of Security at Blink. During the episode, Wilder discusses the process of generating complex automation workflows from natural language prompts, integrating traditional UX with LLM-based UX to address various scenarios around SOC teams. He also candidly shares some of the company’s initial learnings as early adopters, successfully reducing the headcount required to automate workflows from 7 to 1. However, they also dealt with challenges with this new model, including inconsistencies and hallucinations.

Ron and Wilder also discusses processes to continuously improve Copilot using customer data. They share the framework of a new department in Blink dedicated to making the copilot better, with fine-tuning and tailoring more complex use cases and providing some learnings for startups in the early stages of adopting Generative AI.

Some learning materials around topics in this episode:


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