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14 startups join Microsoft’s AI For Good to promote sustainable development

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The Microsoft for Startups AI for Good accelerator in Israel, which promotes AI-based ventures focused on environmental and social sustainability, is launching its fourth year with 14 startups selected out of hundreds of applicants. In collaboration with Tech for Good, the award-winning accelerator has already supported over 1,000 startups.

The program will support Israeli startups that harness AI technologies to tackle environmental and social challenges, drive sustainable innovation and promote a more equitable future. MS partnered with Peral Cohen, ESOP, and Startup Nation finder as program partners to enhance the support and value to the startups. The participants will be mentored by experts from Israel and abroad who will provide them with technological and business support.

Focusing on innovation and positive impacts

Microsoft views the program as a strategic link to the Israeli tech ecosystem. Participating startups will be exposed to a variety of Microsoft activities, experts, and tools. In addition, the program opens opportunities with other a wide range of departments at MS such as:

The Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund
The Microsoft Sustainability Office
The Microsoft Philanthropy Fund
Microsoft’s Responsible AI team

The startups also get to take part in the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, granting benefits worth over $350,000. These benefits also include access to Microsoft’s and Open AI’s artificial intelligence tools, with an emphasis on responsible AI.

“AI is found in almost every system designed today,” says Raz Bachar, managing director of Microsoft for Startups Israel. “Correct and efficient use of this technology can make all the difference between a venture’s success and its failure. We are happy to support companies that harness this power for positive goals, creating a significant impact and better future for us all.”

Microsoft’s support will enable the companies in the accelerator to enhance their technology, establish international connections, and achieve their full potential. We will provide them with the highest level of mentorship as they join with our alumni to strengthen our partnerships.

6 Degrees logo









6 Degrees is developing a wearable AI solution based on an algorithm that studies its wearer’s movements and physical abilities. The solution allows people who have suffered a decrease in their fine motor function to fully control a variety of smart devices. Thus, users gain renewed independence in the contemporary digital world.

Albo logo






Albo Climate develops satellite-based AI technologies to monitor carbon removal when using climate solutions. Their solution quantifies and maps land use and carbon dynamics accurately and enables monitoring and verifying carbon measurements in different areas.

BioRaptor logo




BioRaptor is an operating system for biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies that empowers scientists and allows them to leverage scientific data and insights by using AI technology. BioRaptor’s technology makes AI tools a natural part of scientists’ daily work and enables them to better plan experiments, produce further insights, and learn how to accelerate results.

DeepVoice logo




DeepVoice uses voice-based AI technology to aid marine mammal conservation efforts. The company’s technology identifies and classifies the sounds of marine mammals to develop research on animal communication and support animal conservation. The company allows research groups around the world to make free use of its technology to advance the protection of marine mammals.

DriftSense logo




Drift-Sense offers a revolutionary software solution for calculating the optimal times for farmers to spray agrochemicals. The technology enables data collection, model development, and the analysis and optimization of the drift data in each customized agricultural plot. The company’s technology also considers the farmer’s spraying equipment, the type of chemicals they use, and relevant regulations in order to offer impactful insights.

Embie logo






Embie Clinic is a data analytics company that helps women and couples struggling with infertility. The company’s groundbreaking solution uses AI and machine learning to completely customize diagnosis, learning, treatment protocols, and data monitoring processes to support their success.

enSights logo




enSights developed a SaaS asset management platform for renewable energy, storage, and EV charging stations that uses hardware-agnostic, remote integrations to centralize operations, aggregate data, and employ AI/machine learning algorithms to provide endless energy insights for optimized production.

Esggo logo




Esggo has developed a data-based technology system that helps organizations collect and manage their ESG data (an investment index that reflects the overall social welfare resulting from a given investment, in addition to its economic profit). The company’s platform is a one-stop-shop system that enables comprehensive data collection, ESG data standardization, comparison data with competing companies, segmentation of data by product or area, and more. The company’s AI systems offer organizations ways to improve ESG data, and by doing so encourage investments with a positive environmental impact.

Fermata logo




Fermata helps farmers use pesticides more efficiently, reduce CO2 emissions and prevent food waste. Their technology combines innovative AI models with simple digital cameras to create a powerful computer vision solution accessible to every farmer. The platform is designed to detect pests and provide early disease identification, allowing farmers to prevent their escalation.

GoodDeeds logo







GoodDeeds uses AI to empower social activism and volunteer work in local communities. They developed Impact Copilot, which helps social change leaders in the creation, planning, streamlining, and execution of projects that have positive social impact. The online platform harnesses local community members to discuss, support and fund meaningful social initiatives in their community.

Momentick logo




Momentick is a computer vision software company that provides accurate and autonomous capabilities for detecting and quantifying methane gas and other greenhouse gas emissions using satellite imagery.

Nakai logo




Nakai Robotics develops the only robotic system on the market able to survey and clean merchant ships’ hulls while sailing. Systematic and automatic monitoring and cleaning of the vessel’s hull significantly reduce its environmental damage. The company’s solution provides early-stage identification of problems in the vessel’s structure, enabling treatment and preventing pollution of the marine environment.

Projini logo





Projini creates a platform that leverages a combination of computational and biophysical methods to develop innovative pesticides. They have already developed a prototype for herbicides that have proven to be effective in treating the most stubborn weeds, including a strain that causes crop loss worth $16 billion in the US alone.


Reylon logo
 develops innovative voice-based technological solutions which use AI to increase users’ personal security. Their technology allows users to define code words that activate a set of security actions if spoken near one’s cellphone—contacting a predefined emergency number or tracking the device’s location, for example. The company’s solution allows increased control for users in emergency situations or insecure environments.

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